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iShine is a provider of cutting-edge digital entertainment systems which surround the day-to-day life or our clients with quality culture and entertainment. iShine also stimulates quality culture by sponsoring and supporting artists, organizations, events and projects which contribute to everyone's cultural education and create highly entertaining experiences.

iShine™ Entertainment System

All your music and all your films, in every room and every car and anywhere you are!

Multi-room, multi-residence and multi-car digital music systems are elegant and simple to operate once they have been designed and built by iShine experts. If you love your music and films and want to have them at your fingertips anywhere, it's totally worth the effort and the expense. iShine systems look and sound amazing.


iShine is proud to support quality culture and cultural education in the San Francisco Bay Area and encourages everyone to get involved in sharing the best of music, dance, theater and film experiences in our community.

Vintage 415

Vintage 415 is a San Francisco leader in event production & culture marketing, providing a rich experience filled with beats, rhythm, art, conversation, and the theater of life. iShine volunteers computer technical support, equipment, marketing assistance and digital photography services.

Punk Rock Symphony Orchestra

Punk Rock Symphony Orchestra is a 50+ piece strong San Francisco ensemble that plays punk rock tunes you know and love that were specially arranged for symphonic instruments and operatic voice. This colorful cross-breeding of the rebellious and cool punk attitude with the classical music tradition forms an important new musical genre.

iShine funded the production of PRO's first CD at the SkyWalker Sound Studios. iShine also donated Apple equipment and volunteered computer technical support, marketing assistance and digital photography services.

The Ballet Studio SF.

The Ballet Studio SF is a new school in San Francisco teaching classical ballet from pre-ballet through advanced levels. Classes include dance history, choreography and music so that the students will grow into adults with a full experience of what has been called “a science on top of which art is precariously balanced.”

The Ballet Studio's office management system, digital music system and web site were built, configured and are continuously supported by the volunteer efforts of iShine professionals. The iShine team also provides marketing assistance and digital photography.




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