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iShine was proud to be the primary supporter of the PRO since November 2003. We facilitated the introductions to SkyWalker Sound Studios through Pyramind, funded the production of PRO's premier CD at SkyWalker under the direction of Leslie Ann Jones, provided Apple equipment for development and production, and volunteered technical support, promotional and public relations assistance, mentoring, as well as digital photography services.

Our joint efforts resulted in extensive enthusiastic coverage by nation-wide CBS and PBS radio and local San Francisco television, including CBS, ABC and KQED.

Regrettably, this project failed soon after the initial positive reception. By mid 2004, David Ferguson, the director of the Institute For Unpopular Culture, where the Punk Rock Orchestra project was originally conceived and developed, decided to "privatize" the PRO for personal gain and control, and refused to provide accounting for the use of funds already advanced in support of the project. At that time the local philanthropic patrons of the arts who were inspired by the PRO lost interest in supporting it as a for-profit venture, and the Punk Rock Orchestra disbanded at the end of 2005 after one last performance. The Institute For Unpopular Culture failed to return anything that was lent by iShine, and we incurred substantial financial losses as a result of David Ferguson's actions. Therefore, we can not recommend the Institute For Unpopular Culture as a reliable or authentic partner. We appreciate feedback from all those who were involved in this project.






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