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The Ballet Studio is a new school in San Francisco organized as a non-profit to teach classical ballet to children from pre-ballet through advanced levels. The Director, Henry Berg, is an established teacher whose long career has produced dancers for the Boston Ballet, San Francisco Ballet and the School of American Ballet. The philosophy of the Ballet Studio is to offer teaching at a level that can promote a serious career ballet dancer as well as a student using ballet as a complementary dance discipline. Classes will include ballet history, choreography and music so that the students will grow into adults with a full experience of what has been called “a science on top of which art is precariously balanced.”

The Ballet Studio is sponsored in part by iShine of San Francisco. The Ballet Studio's office management system, digital music system and web site were built, configured and are continuously supported by the volunteer efforts of iShine professionals. The iShine team also provides marketing assistance and digital photography.


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