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As part of iShine's efforts to promote quality night-life in San Francisco we maintain a close relationship with Vintage 415 - the most outstanding Event Production & Culture Marketing group in the Bay Area.

In a city saturated with social knockoffs, Vintage 415 is manifesting a unique vision of urban nightlife - a truly original experience for the sophisticated individuals. Their productions bridge the gap between SF's professional A-list, and a rich experience filled with beats, rhythm, art, conversation, and the theater of life.

With every event Vintage 415 creates an environment where beauty is admired and thought is expressed freely. Suggestive glances are coupled with interesting conversations. Friendships are created and celebrated.

Exquisite venues.
Musical entertainment.
All perfectly tailored to the most important ingredient - the people.

iShine provides Vintage 415 with computer equipment and technical support, marketing assistance and digital photography, regularly published in San Francisco’s 7x7 Magazine.

PS. In case you have not noticed, every party over the last year was DJed with the help of Mac laptops. The white Apples glowing in the night were quite appropriate to the spirit of Vintage 415: “Bite the forbidden fruit and taste the juice of life to the fullest!”

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