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GQ Magazine, USA Edition, November 2003

GQ, the premier international men's fashion and lifestyle magazine, calls Apple's iPod the #1 solution for streamlining your stereo system, based on a consultation and an interview with Michael Vlastone, the founder of iShine.

"For digital music to go, the only choice is the iPod. Everything else is - to be polite about it - awkward, dumb, and ugly.

It'd be nice if Apple engineered everything - every ergonomically pleasurable appliance and elegant gadget in your streamlined all-white house of the future. Until that happy day, you will have to trust other gadget makers (and us) to help adapt the iPod to its stereo surroundings."


Michael Vlastone, on the coming iPodization of the universe.

"The compact disc is as good as dead. Well over a million iPods have been sold. Soon we'll have a cheap and easy setup to get our complete digital music library playing in every room of the house. Until that day, the customized sound solutions from Michael Vlastone, of San Francisco's iShine Entertainment, provide a glimpse into the future."

GQ: What is iShine?

MV: We design and build digital-music systems primarily for high-end family homes in the San Francisco Bay Area. We also transfer and organize all the clients' CDs, LPs, MDs and tapes. We use Apple hardware, which gets modified and substantially augmented to make it suitable for high-end home audio.

GQ: What kinds of products will we see soon?

MV: With terabyte drives around the corner, we will see music servers sold at Circuit City and Best Buy that have the entire libraries of popular music preloaded, with users purchasing their music as they listen to it, using their digital-music-store accounts. But this has to be a generational change.

GQ: What kinds of products do you daydream about?

MV: I'd like to see a solar-rechargeable, wirelessly loaded iPod with forty gigabytes of storage, the size of a few stacked credit cards, in 2007.
If you want to get even wilder, try the implanted wireless 500-gigabyte iPod with a link directly into the audio-processing nerve center in your cortex in the year 2020.
Now that's a soundtrack for your life.

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