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All your music and all your films,
in every room and every car and anywhere you are ™

We design, build, deploy and support digital entertainment systems (DES) for residences and cars. iSHINE DES installations provide clients with effortless access to music, video and photos everywhere.

iShine DES are based on Apple’s desktops, laptops, iPods, iPhones, OS-X and iTunes which have been customized for pure-entertainment purposes. Most of our customers are Bay Area music lovers, as well as high net-worth individuals and their families.

iShine DES integrate seamlessly with existing home audio and video systems, as well as Macs and Windows PCs. They are based on a reliable client-server architecture deployed over hybrid Ethernet/Wi-Fi networks. iShine DES servers support an unlimited number of rooms and users for media playback and have unlimited storage capacity for CDs, DVDs and home movies. Remote control is provided via mini infra-red remotes, or full visual interfaces on Mac or PC laptops over Wi-Fi. Your iPhone or an iPod Touch will work well as a system remote for music selection, search or navigation. iShine DES can also incorporate a SONOS system as part of the playback solution, however it will not work for content purchased from the iTunes music store and therefore, we cannot recommend it as a seamless solution.

In cars (or boats, or planes) we deploy iPods and Mac laptops – the best digital music players in the world. For portable use, we recommend a choice of iPods or iPhones.

iShine turns your music listening into a luxury experience ™

In addition to system design and installations, we process and organize all of your media, including CDs, LPs, MDs and tapes. No matter how large your library is, an iShine system will keep the music at your fingertips, no matter where you are.
Our clients’ libraries are very extensive and expensive to set up, so we provide fully redundant off-site backup storage. We also provide music recommendation and shopping services - taking you on personalized interactive music journeys.

A library and a librarian for the family’s digital media of the future ™

iShine's long term mission is to conduct in-depth research into how people utilize and relate to cultural content. Based on deep understanding of our client's needs, we are now completing the design of next generation digital entertainment systems and services.

We continuously test and evaluate other systems and platforms available on the market, yet we've always come back to Apple as the most convenient, elegant, reliable and least expensive platform for providing world-class entertainment solutions to our clients.

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